Tree Care Phenix City AL

Please consider allowing us to help maximize the full potential of your Ornamental Trees & Shrubs with finely tuned fertilization, insect and disease control applications. At Weed Wise Lawn Care Inc., we can help your property look even better by invigorating and protecting the overall health of the various plants found throughout your landscape.

Tree and Shrub Care
After you have invested a considerable amount of time and money into your landscaping, you most likely will want to make sure that your ornamental trees & shrubs will remain healthy. Weed Wise would like to help! We will always exercise the same due diligence with your plants as we do with your lawn.
When your plants are healthy, they are better equipped at fighting against whatever Mother Nature might throw it's way.

Insect and Disease Control
The list of insects and or diseases that can defoliate, damage and sometimes even kill your trees and shrubs seem endless.
- Aphids
- Leaf Miners
- Scale
- Powdery Mildew
- White Flies
- Leaf Spot

The above mentioned pests , left unchecked, can cause either short term "cosmetic" damages or ongoing problems, up to and including the eventual death of some plants.

Choosing Weed Wise Lawn Care
We can protect your Trees and Shrubs with controlled applications of selective materials ensuring plant vitality and growth. As with our lawn service, we will only invest in the best (not cheapest) products to get the job done nor will we be in a hurry to get to our next stop. 

*Please note....As we are not "Arborists", this service is intended for Ornamental landscape trees & Shrubs up to 8' tall only*