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At Weed Wise Lawn Care Inc, we do not take a "high speed" or "cookie cutter" approach when it comes to treating your lawn. We choose to recognize the fact that every lawn presents it's own set of challenges , meaning we will always treat your lawn as if it were our own. We will provide up to 7 properly timed applications per year depending on the needs of your lawn and we will never try to "up sell" you on something that your lawn does not need. Our treatments involve :
- Spring pre-emergent
- Dry granular fertilizer applications in the summer
- Ongoing highly selective weed controls
- Fall pre-emergent applications
- Micronutrients


At Weed Wise, we ONLY USE slow release DRY GRANULAR FERTILIZER. All turf grasses use large amounts of nutrients found in the soil. These nutrients are the basic building blocks that lawn grasses use to convert sunlight into food. These nutrients are absorbed from the soil through the root system and used to build plant cells which is why, obviously, it is so important to provide these nutrients via an ongoing basis and by only using slow release fertilizers, Liquid fertilizers are cheaper and definitely easier to apply, which is why some companies choose to apply them. However, this robs your lawn of it's full potential. This is why Weed Wise will only use slow release fertilizer on your lawn.

Weed Control

Lets face it. Your lawn is an extension of your living area and nothing tarnishes the appearance of your lawn more than obnoxious weeds. Weed Wise is here to help. We willingly invest in an "arsenal" of highly selective weed controls in order to combat whatever weed problem you might have. Most lawn care companies obviously have a broad leaf weed control product on hand. However, it takes a special company willing to make that extra trip (or trips) across your lawn, This is where you can count on Weed Wise to step up in order to get rid of those difficult to control weeds.

Quality Service

Again, quality service beats the cheapest price every time. As your local provider of customized weed control and excellent fertilization products, you can trust that Weed Wise Lawn Care Inc, will give you a beautiful green lawn that you will be proud of.

So... if you are looking for personalized service and valuable experience then give us a call. We have the equipment, products and most importantly the knowledge to help keep your lawn beautiful.

Thank you for visiting our site! We hope to hear from you soon.