Lawn Care Phenix City AL

Thank you for your interest in Weed Wise Lawn Care, Inc ! We firmly believe that quality service beats the cheapest price every time.

If you are looking for hassle free lawn care backed by OWNER OPERATED personal service then you are in the right place. Our commitment to quality lawn care is all about exceeding a high level of customer service while producing actual results....... not just promising them.

 While Weed Wise Lawn Care Inc has been around since 2011, The owner has gained plenty of experience in the lawn care industry throughout the southeast after graduating from Auburn University. He treated his first lawn in march of 1990 and worked for several companies along the way learning the correct way (and not so correct way) of doing things in this industry. He has spent time in Atlanta Ga, Orlando Fl, Wilmington N.C, and Birmingham Al just to name a few. In short, we have the experience to make sure your property is well cared for and hopefully the envy of the neighborhood.

When it comes to lawn service in Columbus GA / Phenix City AL, we have exactly what you need to keep your lawn green and beautiful. Some of our services are the most basic and include:

- Fertilization

- Weed control

- core aeration

- Fire ant controls

We adjust and customize our lawn spray/fertilization program throughout the year based on the LOCAL mitigating factors such as current temperature trends, rainfall patterns etc.. We do not get our marching orders from a "corporate office" from far away. We believe the success of our business depends on treating our customers exactly like we want to be treated...... locally and honestly.

The Weed Wise Lawn Care . Inc difference

Weed Wise is different in several ways. A lot of lawn care companies place ever increasing daily stop requirements on their technicians, meaning they have to work longer and harder just to have Saturday off. In addition, the technician might also be paid a commission once they exceed the weekly billing requirement. Sadly, this only encourages speedy applications to YOUR property and we all know that faster is not always better. That being said..... Weed Wise Lawn Care has no daily stop requirements, no billing requirements and definitely no commissions! We only care about taking our time when on your lawn so as to produce the best result possible.

Repeat customers

There is a reason that so many lawn care companies bombard you with sales letters and flyers every spring. It is because they need to replace the customers that they have lost over the previous year. Weed Wise attempts to avoid this situation by treating your lawn as if it were our own. One of the ways we accomplish this is by making unannounced visits (free of charge) between our regularly scheduled visits, Most companies simply wait for the customer to complain! This is what we consider a "reactive approach" to a problem. Weed Wise will always try to take a proactive approach to your lawn care needs, As you know, there is nothing more frustrating than paying a company to provide you with a service that you constantly need to "follow up on".