Ant Control Phenix City AL

If you are tired of Fire Ants calling your lawn " Home Sweet Home" then give Weed Wise Lawn Care a call. You do not have to be plagued by Fire Ants just because we are in the south. Our Ant control program will help to ensure that you have a more comfortable and safe environment for spending time outdoors.

Fire Ants
You have seen the mounds piling up along the highway on the guardrails up to 1.5 ft ! Worse yet, you have probably blasted over them as you steered the lawn mower back and forth across your property ( only to spread them even further across the lawn ) . Once they have "infested" a lawn, it becomes almost impossible to fully eradicate them.

Don't waste your time and money by chasing individual ant mounds around all year with those overpriced and under performing products from the home improvement store. Yes... you will kill a few of the individual mounds. However, the problem of " Re-Infesting " will go unsolved.

Take Back the Yard
The moral of this story is that Fire Ants can be a serious problem. Not only are their mounds unsightly, but their bites are painful and can even cause allergic reactions in some people. Unfortunately, much like a bee sting, a portion of the population may not even be aware that they have an allergy to Fire Ants until being bitten by one. Well.. Weed Wise Lawn Care takes this just as seriously as you do!

While it is impossible for us to guarantee that you will never see or be bitten by a Fire Ant after one of our treatments, you can rest assured that our goal is to maintain as close to 100% eradication as possible. Our dedication to customer service, combined with our attention to detail, means we will do everything it takes to keep Fire Ants under control.

Please contact us to start protecting your family and pets from this harmful pest.